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 Best flavours to start DIY e juice (beginner guide to DIY e liquid):

If you are curious about DIY e juice, just buy any of these flavours which are some of the best single (solo) flavour concentrates to start DIY and use them as the description under the flavour, most of these concentrates on our list are pretty straight forward flavours, they taste amazing by own, and you do not need to add any other flavours, just PG and VG, unless you find it in the description, also it would be a good idea to read here on Reddit first before starting: diy_beginners_guide .(you may require to sign up first), it has all the answers to your questions, e.g.: Why DIY, Essential equipment, First-order flavours, How to mix your first bottle, Videos on getting started, How to mix your first bottle by weight​ , and more.

 We strongly advise you to start as simple and follow the highest-rated recipes, then you would be fine. Please also note, the taste is subjective, to avoid any wastage, we do recommend, making small batches e.g. 5 or 10 ml, then if you were happy, go for bigger batches, also do not forget to steep, usually fruits require short steeps, just a few days but creams and bakeries, especially Vanilla, needs a deep steep, sometimes over two weeks.

Please read our mixology: how to start making e juice before starting your journey to find some tips, tricks, and knowledge.

But before buying your first order of flavour concentrates, it would be a good idea to look at the below tips and tricks:

1. Shop wisely and stay away from suspicious discounts: if you just see a special flavour on sale, while others are full price, it does not mean you should buy it, think again why it has been on sale? Does the seller want to get rid of it? We are not advocating all of the sales and discounts are fake, just it would be better if you think it through before purchasing your first order of flavour concentrates.

2.Some flavours do not taste and smell like their names: some of the bubble gums taste everything except bubble gum! so do not buy any flavours just for their name or their beautiful pictures. Please note most of flavours provided in this page are pretty decent, and not disappointing, e.g. if you buy any of below flavours it will not taste as something else that is the reason we advise you to start your journey with these flavours, as they are easy to deal and amazing as solo. For example, Capella Sweet mango is one of the best Mangos for beginners, all you need to do is : add as recommended percentage, top it up with your PG and VG and done, nothing else, you do not need to mix 100 flavours, of course you can, if you are a professional mixer but for most of us, just one or two flavours will do the job and in future if you like it, you can add a bit of sweetener to make it sugary or Menthol to achieve icy notes, or creams, cheesecake or anything else but start up as simple as possible and do not jump into complex mixes as most of them are for professionals or developers.

3.Research and research and research, before buying any flavours, take your time and read few minutes before your purchase, just Google the name of your flavour plus review e.g. google Flavour Art Brandy+review, then you will find tones of reviews or even recipes.

4. Buy a scale! at the beginning you do not need to buy the best one, a cheap 0.01 mg scale obtained from eBay for just under 6-10 $ will do the job, stay away from syringes

Do not forget to watch short videos on the bottom of this page!

Check our FAQ page for any flavour enquiries.