Buy Chill Pill one shots

Buy Now pay later is available for shopping one shot flavours of Malaysian Chill Pill via Liquid DIY. 
Chill Pill one shots are packaged in 10ml pack sizes and it will come to you with their original packaging, recommended percentage is 10% but you can increase or decrease it upon your taste.

Each 10 ml can makes at least 100 ml.

Are you tired of DIY and mixing different flavours? 

Do you want to try something different and yummy, without any more testing?

Are you exhausted from buying expensive new juices and don't like it?

Are you looking to save on purchasing your e-liquid?

Step into DIY with one-shots! Chill Pill one-shots are super easy to use and yummy! Just add your VG and PG, then boom, you will have a wonderful, mouth-watering and super cheap e-juice. You can make your e-liquid with a few bucks. The choice is on you, spend more money and purchase new e-juice or just enjoy DIY with ready one-shots and keep your money in your pocket.

To make 100 ml, you would require one of Chill Pill one shots(10 ml) and top it up with your mixture of Pg/Vg (90 ml), shake and steep it for few days, then you are done! Easy, cheap and Yummy.

Ingredients of Chill Pill one shots are:

  • Natural and artificial flavours, Propylene Glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerine, Acetic Acid Nat, other components below reportable levels.

Please note, Chill Pill one shots are flavour concentrates which are to be diluted in Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol respectively.  Do not use these products in its undiluted state!