Best E-liquid Recipes :

Liquid DIY did not involve creating any of the below e-liquid recipes, they are some of the most popular recipes, gathered from the best recipes websites e.g E-liquid-recipes and, just for ease of your use.

Please note, the taste is subjective, you may not like some of these recipes, to avoid any wastage we strongly advise you to start with small batches e.g. 5 ml or 10ml, afterward if you did like it, you would be able to make big batches.

How to read e-juice recipes:

You may have read an e-juice recipe before and wondered what is meant by the percentage next to your ingredients e.g. Strawberry 5% Custard 2% Cream 2%.

It’s simple, those percentages are percentages of your bottle as a whole, so if your whole bottle of e-juice is 100% and the bottle is 30ml then 5% Strawberry means 30*0.05=1.5ml Strawberry!

The reason we use percentages is so that it’s easier for you to adjust your recipe to suit your desired batch size if the measurement is given this way.

Best e-liquid recipes websites:

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Geography - French Quarter clone by InsigmaTheory

Biscuit (INAWERA) 0.75%

Joy (FA) 2%

Meringue (FA) 2%

Sugar Cookie v1 (CAP) 5%

Grack Juice by Philosaphucker

Cactus   (INW) 2.25%

Dragonfruit (TPA) 1%

Grape (INW) 4%

Koolada (TPA) 0.75%

Meringue (FA) 1%    

Raspberry (INW) 0.5% 

Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 1.5%  

Mustard Milk - Simple Strawberries and Cream  by fizzmustard

Strawberry (TPA) 6%

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 8%


Blueberry Muffin (FLV) 4%

Butterscotch (FLV) 2%

Bilberry (FA) 0.5%

Torrone (FA) 0.5%

Cookie (FA) 1.5% 

Mikes Melons (Cuttwood Monster Melon Clone)  by gsxrmike04

Cantaloupe (TPA) 5%

Mango (TPA) 5%

Papaya (TPA) 5%