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Economical set of flavour concentrates

 (The most efficient collection of flavours):

Economical set of flavours: if you already start mixology but you want to explore more and have some difficulties, not sure which flavours are better to purchase, or if you have any of the below questions, then this post belongs to you, it will empower and flourish your journey:

1.Which flavour concentrates are the most efficient collection and also not over budget too?

2.What is the full list of flavour concentrates to mix most of the high rated recipes?

3.What are the top flavours concentrates to have?

Here is the list of 34 most efficient flavours, which will enable you to create most of the best e-juice recipes: Analyzing The 100 Top-Rated Recipes (you may require to sign up first). Afterpay and LayBuy accepted.

Read our Faq page for any flavour enquiries, and our Mixology page: how to make your own e-liquid.