Liquid DIY One Shots


What is the Flavour One Shot?

Simply a flavour one shot is a professional mix, which it does not require any further development or adjusting. It is like buying a ready fruit cordial from a super market, which you just need to add water to it, of course you can add ice too:)

Attention: Please make sure you are complying with the legal requirements of your country or your state before mixing any e-juice or using any nicotine. This Site and specially this page is not intended for individuals under the age of 18.

Please also note, in the instructions below we tried to simplify everything as much as it was possible, so if you are an advanced vaper or a professional mixer, it might not apply to you. This is just a super simple  instructions  for beginners.


How to use a flavour one shot?

Just Follow the recommended percentage , for Liquid DIY one shots and 15% ratio of mixing:


A 30 ml one shot can make 200 ml e-juice, so just pour 30 ml one shot into a 200 ml empty bottle, add Nic (if needed, 6 ml for 3% strength or 12 ml for 6% strength , if your Nic is 100mg, if 200mg then halve the ratios, 3 ml for 3% and 6 ml for 6%), then top it with VG. (Optional you can add 20 ml PG, then top it with VG).

200 *3% strength = 6 ml

200*6% strength =12 ml


A 10 ml one shot can make 60 ml e juice, so pour 10 ml one shot into an empty 60 ml bottle, add Nic (if needed,1.8 ml for 3% and 3.6 for 6% strength, if your Nic is 100 mg, if it is 200 mg half the ratio), and top it with VG. (optional you ml can add 6 ml PG then top it with VG).

60 ml *3%  strength = 1.8 ml

A common question: how should I calculate amount of my NIC? which calculator should I use?

Believe me, you do not need any special calculator, it is a simple math, for reaching 6% strength ratio, you need to add 6% that is it, so 100 ml *6%=6 ml, or 200 ml *6%=12 ml.

So for 200 ml e-juice you just need to multiply 200 by desired strength of your NIC, e.g. for 6%, multiply 200 *6%=12 ml then top it up with your VG, if it was too thick, you can add a bit of PG like 10% PG, but it is not mandatory.

Do I need any experiences?

Simply if you can mix a fruit cordial then you can mix a flavour one shot too, but unfortunately some of us make the job complicated, while it is nothing it is a simple math, you do not require any calculator or college degrees, of course if you are mixing something for NASA definitely you need to be 100% precise with percentages otherwise, it is not a big deal.

So why I am paying too much for my ready E-juice?

Yes that is the question! of course if you do not have 10 minutes free time, or you are enough rich and do not mind spending more then yes you are doing the correct thing but if you are happy to save more then you should start quit paying too much too and step into DIY, and the best place to start is by trying flavour One Shots.

Also regards PG/VG, although in Liquid DIY we do sell them but we strongly advise you, in future buy them in bulk from different vendors and save on it too, easily you can find them around a $10-12 p/L so why we have them in Liquid DIY? just for emergency or for testing, you can buy small amount of it from us to start your DIY journey but afterwards definitely there are better choices.