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Mixology: how to make your own juice

Complete and simple(super simple) instruction to make your own liquid:

Welcome to Mixology: how to make your recipe / juice.

Attention: Please make sure you are complying with the legal requirements of your country or your state before mixing any e-juice or using any nicotine. This Site and specially this page is not intended for individuals under the age of 18.

Please also note, in the instructions below we tried to simplify everything as much as it was possible, so if you are an advanced vaper or a professional mixer, it might not apply to you. This is just a super simple  instructions (step to step guide ) to make e juice for beginners.

Vape juice contains PG, VG, flavour concentrates, and nicotine(optional) so simply if you mix these three ingredients together you will have your own vape juice.

What do you need to make your juice?


The main part of your e-juice is a mix of PG and VG, the common percentage is 50-50 % or 70-30%.

Question: What percentage should you use for PG and VG? Or which one is better?

Propylene Glycol (PG) is odourless, without any tastes, it will carry the taste of your flavour concentrate and also create throat hit too. Add more PG to get more throat hit.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) tastes sweet and create a cloud, it is also thicker than PG. Add more VG to create more cloud.

So simply, if you are a cloud chaser go for more VG, the ratio of 70%-30% would suit people who prefer clouds, but remember as VG is thicker than PG, diluting your flavours in it will need a bit more shaking or further another day of steeping.

If you are new to vaping and would prefer throat hit similar to smoking cigarettes, ratios with more PG would be a better option for you but as PG is not as thick as VG, sometimes it will make leaking problems worse.

The final solution would be 50-50 or VG 60% and PG 40%.

2.Flavour concentrates:

Flavours are the main taste of your e-juice, if you do not add any flavours or add too much(e.g. 20 %) then your vape juice will just taste sweet VG, this is the place where the fun and exciting part will start, mixology will give you the opportunity to not just control your e-liquid, but also use your creativity to make new juices, it is a quiet art for itself, but if you are a beginner, we strongly advise you to start with simple recipes or just try some standalone flavours, you can find some good flavours to start DIY from our website, it is another post that should be read before starting DIY.

Also, find the best e juice recipes and on our Instagram.



Nicotine is optional, you can add nicotine to your juice or just skip it, the most common percentage is 2-10%, but please remember, more nicotine might affect the taste of your juice and some high level of nicotine might cause some health issues, make sure you are aware of those and use a proper glove before touching any nicotine.  Please make sure you are complying with the legal requirements of your country or your state before mixing or using any nicotine.

Please note, in Australia, from 1 October 2021,You will not be able to access nicotine  without a valid medical prescription, regardless of the purpose for which you use it.

Finally, to mix your own juice, all you would need to do is combine the above ingredients, like mixing a fruit cordial with water. For example, for mixing a simple Strawberry Jam in 10 ml, (we use Strawberry Jam OOO which tastes amazing, even on its own with the recommended solo percentage of 4%):

1.10 ml *4%=0.4 ml, so we need to add 0.4ml of Strawberry Jam OOO.

2.Add a bit of sweetener, we use one of the most popular sweeteners: Super Sweet Cap at 0.5%, so 10*0.5%=0.05 ml.

3. For nicotine strength of 3%: if your nicotine is 100 mg strength, then: 10 ml*3%=0.3ml and if it is 200 mg strength then will be 10 ml*1.5%=0.15ml.

4.The remaining will be your mix of PG and VG: 10 ml-0.4-0.3-0.05=9.25ml so just add 9.25 ml of your pre-mixed PG/ VG (e.g., 70-30 VG/PG, you can buy pre-mixed VG and PG or just mix them together to get the desired ratio) and shake it for 2 minutes, done it is finished! You did it!

So simply to make a 10 ml Strawberry Jam(not the best one, but good enough for start up) e-liquid:

10 ml*4%(recommended mixing percentage for Strawberry Jam, as solo) =0.4 ml flavour concentrate.

10 ml*3%=0.3 ml Nic.

10ml*0.5%=0.05 Super sweet Cap.

10 ml*92.5%= 9.25 ml VG and PG.

This is the easiest way to make your e-juice, your PG /VG ratio will not be 100% accurate as70/30 because base of your flavour concentrate (most of the flavour concentrates are PG based) and base of your nicotine (it is advised to buy PG based nicotine) will change your PG/VG ratio, there will be few percent variance on your PG/VG ratio, but for a new mixer it will not make a huge difference. If you would prefer to take few steps further and make it in the correct way, just open an e-juice calculator and adjust all of your ratios (please find below sample pictures), also watching some videos from famous YouTubers, will make the job much easier, simply go to DIY or Die channel on YouTube and you will see tons of amazing videos.(Read end of this page for some simple recipes).

 After mixing:

1. labelling:

Labelling your e juice is very important, of course, if you are making more than one e juice per time, then you would be able to find their ingredient or track your progress, at the beginning you can use just a Masking tape just write down their names and stick on it, then you will not lose anything.



Steeping will flourish your e-juice, we strongly advise you even if you are making a shake and vape juice just steep it for a few hours or over the night, then you will see the difference. Normally fruits need less steeping time between 2-3 days, but bakeries need more time and especially some vanilla flavours require at least two weeks of steeping. Please note if your flavours contain alcohol, it is recommended to steep it for few hours with cap off.

2. Test.

Never make a big batch, just go for 5-10 ml and see how it will go, even if you are making one of the best recopies it does not mean 100% you will like it, each person has different taste and preferences, also we need to mention after few days if you taste your juice and you did not like the taste, steeping will not make magic, so just leave it behind and after you make sure you like that recipe then you can go for 50 or 100ml. Also, if you are planning to become an advanced mixologist, testing and noting would be essential also buying a cheap RDA tank just for testing would be a good idea too.

3.Store and enjoy.

Now you are at the end of your journey, if you are happy with your e-juice just close the cap, and leave it out of the sun or direct light, you do not need to store your e-juice in the fridge (storing pure nicotine in the fridge would be a good idea but not your e-juice, for e-juice it is not necessary). Heat, direct sun and air will damage your juice, leave the cap tightly and store it in your cupboard then you would be fine. Also, for storing and organising your flavours, you can buy some nail polish organisers or display, you can find very cheap ones from Daiso at 2-3$ or better ones on eBay for 8-30$, for start-up, Diaso ones are good, most of them can have around 20 bottles.

Tips-and-Tricks liquid DIY.jpg

Tips and tricks for DIY 

Please read our complete instructions to start DIY before starting your first mixing.

We strongly advise you to start your journey with some straight forward flavour concentrates, if you purchase your flavours just by their name or their picture you will have a long way and, in some cases, you might hate it, so this is our best recommendations for those who are new to DIY e-Juice:

1.Start with well-known brands e.g. Flavour Art (FA), Flavorah (FLV) or Inawera (INW), their flavours are pretty strong and decent, taste and smell great and are amazing for starting DIY. Watch this short video about why flavour Art is the best for new mixers by Wayne (Famous Youtuber, creator of some decent e-juice e.g. Bronuts also the owner of DIY or die.

2.Let your mix steep at least for a day, I know some of the e-juices are shake and vape but steeping over time will flourish your e-Liquid.

3. If your flavour contains alcohol, it is better to leave the cap off for a few hours.

4. Do not start with mixing a big batch of liquid, it is advised to make a 10 ml or 5 ml bottle, and taste your e-juice then go for a 30 ml or 100 ml bottle.

5.Do not add too much flavour concentrates! If you are using FA, FLV or INW start with 1-2% and increase it to 5-6% (for standalone most probably 4-5%). If you add 20% of a flavour most probably you will mute your flavours and your e-juice will just taste sweet VG. If you are mixing two flavours then start with 3%-4% as your main profile and add another one as 1-2%. Do not let this myth ruin your journey, more flavours will not create more tastes! just add a little bit of flavours, when I started my mixing, I was adding 15-20% and all of my juices were taste just sweet! So, one day I went to a Juice shop and told the guy could you please sell me a non-sweet juice and he looked at me and shocked! And offered me a sour e-juice, it was not bad, but I missed yummy sweet flavours for a few months! Nowadays I love the sweet taste but not the sweet taste of VG, I adore the sweet taste of cheesecake, if you mix your flavours, correctly you will not vape orange or cheesecake, you will taste them in your mouth exactly as you are eating them! It is a wonderful adventure you can eat strawberry cheesecake by vaping it, believe me, DIY is easy if you follow just these three simple rules:

A. Do not add too many or too much of flavour concentrates.

Too much does not lead to more flavour, it will just mute your juice! Be around 1-5% with flavour art, Flavorah or Inawera but you can go a bit higher with TFA/TPA and Capella 5-10%.

B. At the beginnings just buy flavours that are the best e.g., do not buy just any Raspberry, if you like Raspberry buy the Raspberry that is well-known, each brand has its hit and miss, if we say FA is good, it does not mean all of their flavours are amazing, some yes but some maybe not good for standalone or for the beginners. You can use our best flavours to start DIY juice, which we picked some decent flavours, which are easy to work, and they are wonderful for starting DIY then if you enjoyed DIY you can go gradually add more flavours, cream, bakery or deserts to your flavours.

Also, be careful about flavours on the sale! Do not buy a concentrate just because it is on sale and it is half price, most of the time if just a particular flavour is on sale but nothing else is not on sale, definitely, you should not buy that particular flavour or at least think about it, before buying it. Why that brand is on sale? Does the seller want to get rid of it?

C. At the beginning do not use your creativity and mix 5 different flavours, just follow the best e-juice recipes and you would be all right, soon you would be able to create your own line of juice but for the start up, it is advised to follow the path that others did and use their experiences.

Question: why my strawberry tastes nothing? Or why I cannot taste strawberry?

If you are searching to find a cure to taste strawberry, this post belongs to you!

This is one of the common topics, for some reasons, some people are not able to taste Strawberry in their E-juice(include me), that is normal, also if you cannot taste Strawberry (TFA) the chances for cannot distinguish Dragon fruit will be increased too, so if you cannot feel strawberry it is safer to don’t buy Dragon fruit of TFA too, unfortunately for me, I cannot taste Watermelon too! besides the reason, there are few remedies which it might help you, some works for some and some may not, but as you know strawberry is one of the best and most popular vape juice, so try one of these remedies may work for you.

Remedies for non-strawberry tasters:

1.Try some stronger brands, go for Shisha strawberry (INW)  , FA Strawberry (Flavour Art) ,or Jungle Flavour Strawberry,  normally these are stronger and easier to recognise, but still if it did not work, you can try Alpine strawberry of FLV (Flavorah), it is the most expensive flavour but as its ingredients are totally different from other brands of strawberry, it does work for some people, remember strawberry is one the yummiest tastes in e-juice try to do not miss it, also using OOO Strawberry Jam might help you as it did help us, one of our team was a Strawberry blind, once he tried OOO Strawberry Jam as standalone, and surprisingly, afterwards he could taste all of strawberries!

2. Try to add a bit of Lemon Sicily (FA )0.5% and Swedish fish 0.5-1%, to boost the flavour of strawberry, these two mixes are greater strawberry enhancers.

3. Add a bit of Sucralose, most of the e-juice companies always add too much into their recipes, this is their secret magic, sucralose will carry some of the flavours to your tongue and increase your receptions, I prefer Super Sweet(CAP) 0.5-1% will do the job but you can increase it to 1.5% too, also sucralose will assist tasting sour as well, so if you added sour to your recipe and you could not recognise it, just add more sweetener.

4. Eventually, if none of them worked for you, just switch strawberry with other berries, blueberry is yummy too, hopefully, someone in the future will help us and find the proper cure.

Watch here a short video of Wayne for more information regarding it, or just look at his video at the bottom of the page.

Is DIY hard?

Not at all, if you follow the instructions, it is super easy, it is exactly as simple as mixing a fruit cordial with water, just you would need to read the instruction, take care of percentages and done, you can imagine instead of water you have your premixed VG PG and your cordial is your flavour concentrates, that is it, mix your concentrates (use the recommended percentages) with your base and it is done.

DIY versus buying ready juice?

1.Costs and significant saving, if you DIY your own juice, you will save huge money, you are able to make your own 50 ml juice under $4, yes, it is correct just a couple of dollars, so instead of paying $30 dollars, you can save your extra $26!! This is an example, for making an e-juice, mostly you would need under 10% flavour concentrates and approximately 90% PG VG:

50 ml e juice * 90% PG VG=45 ml PG VG, and it will cost $1.50 (500 ml pre mixed PG VG is $15)

And it needs 10% flavour: 50*10%=5 ml flavour which costs $2.50 (10 ml flavour is $5), so it means you will use $1.50 for your base and $ 2.50 for concentrates then boom you paid just $4! Or in another way, if you buy a 500 ml PG/VG for $15 or even much cheaper directly from the wholesalers or even on eBay (just make sure you are buying it from a reputable provider as the quality of your base is very important) and few flavours e.g., 3 or 4 flavours each $5 then you spent 15+15=$30 and you can make 10* 50 ml juice, just $30 for 10 bottles, not just one bottle! also you can mix and match your flavours, you can buy Strawberry, Kiwi, cream and cookie (or choose some of our best flavours to start DIY juice, which are super easy to work ) then make, Kiwi strawberry, Strawberry cookie, strawberry cream or Kiwi strawberry, or even try them as a solo!

2. Super easy, as we mentioned above, Mixology is as simple as mixing a fruit cordial, you do not need to be a scientist or a lab guy to make your own juice.

3.More choices and flexibility. You can taste more juices without spending heaps of money, as you know we are humans and we have our tastes and preferences, even if you like a taste, it does not mean another person likes it too, so if you are tired of trying different juices and paid too much money, just step into DIY, enjoy more and pay less, also you can use your creativity and try mix flavours which you like more.

4.You can earn some extra money. Who knows maybe someday you become a professional mixer and earns money for selling your brand or become a legend on YouTube.

On the other side DIY, e-liquid is not as the convenience of buying ready e-juice, if you do not mind about costs, buying ready e-juice would be much easier than stepping into mixology, but the final choice would be on you, will you enjoy this fun art or you are happy to pay more?

Easy and simple recipes for starting DIY:

DIY is easy if you do not complicate everything, you can mix your own yummy juice even with 1 or two flavours, you do not need to mix 10 flavours to reach a flavourful and yummy recipe, of course if you are a professional mixer, it will be a different story, but for the beginners, you can start with fruits, fruits are pretty easy to work with, for example for mixing a simple yummy Apple, you just need to use Fuji Fa 4%, a bit of sweetener(super sweet Cap is an amazing sweetener for fruits) 0.5-1% even you can bump up the sweetener to 1.5% , as you know most of commercial e-juices have around 1-2% sweetener, so don’t be sacred to add sweetener, actually fruits need sweeteners to shine, but aim to be around 0.5-1%, then its boom! you made a simple and delicious Apple e-liquid, so easy so simple, yummy and cheap! For the next time you can add a bit of cream, to give body to your e-liquid you can add Cream Fa (0.5-1%) but don’t pass 1% as it might overwrite the taste of apple:


Simple yummy Apple Recipe:

Fa Fuji 4%

Super sweet Cap 1%


The choices for fruits are endless, you can swap Fa Fuji with any other fruits, just keep in mind, for Fa flavours use them around3-4 %, for Capella or TFA flavours you can go up to 8%, but some of TFA flavours are pretty strong too, for them you can go lower, for example TFA papaya is pretty strong and flavourful even 4% of it would be too flavourful, but you can adjust these percentages upon your preferences:


Simple Papaya recipe:

Papaya TFA 4%

Super sweet 1%

TFA Bavarian Cream 1%


Or even:

Simple Orange recipe:

Blood Orange FA 4%

Super Sweet Cap 0.5% 

FA Fresh Cream 0.5%


Are they the best fruit e-juice? No, of course not, actually they are the simplest fruit e-liquid you can make 😊but still they are amazing! Also, no need any developing!

For the next time you can add WS-23 to them for cooling effect, WS-23 is a cooling agent which just add icy effect to your juice, without affecting the taste of it, you can add Menthol, but Menthol might affect the taste of your juice, you can buy one of the cheapest WS-23 in Australia from here.


Simple Icy Fruit mix:

FA Forest Fruit 5%

Cap Super Sweet 0.75

Ws-23 0.5%


You can adjust Ws-23 maybe up to 1.5% if it is not enough icy or reduce it to 0.25%.

Now you made some simple recipes, these time you can swap Cream with Cheesecake, Inawera Yes cheesecake, Capella New York Cheesecake and TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust are some of the best ones, for cheesecake you can even increase amount of sweetener to 1.5%, below is one of the yummy Cheesecake recipes from Wayne (DIY or Die):

CAP New York Cheesecake 6%

CAP Sweet Cream 1%

CAP Sweet Strawberry 2%

TFA Strawberry (RIPE) 3%

TFA Graham Cracker (Clear )1.5%

 CAP Super Sweet 1.5%

Ice Cream is a popular profile for E-juice too, you can use Liquid Barn Ice cream to reach it, you can use it around 3-6%, for example below is a very simple and yummy Mano Ice-cream e-juice:

Yummy & simple Mango Ice Cream:

Flavour Express Mango 8%

Liquid Barn Vanilla Ice cream 4%

Capella Super Sweet 1%



Remember you can adjust these percentages, that is the reason we say do not make a big batch, for example if you made the above Mango and it was too flavourful then next time reduce the Mango of it to 5% or even less, if it was too sweet then reduce amount of super sweet to 0.5%. Or even if you were happy for the next time you can add peach to it, usually peach and Mango go well together, you can use TFA Juicy peach around 4% or more and less, depends how peachy you want it, or even add a bit of WS-23 to make it cooler, this is the beauty of DIY, it lets you to control your E-juice:)


Bakeries and custards are advanced, there is a video at the bottom of this page which it is about flavour pairing, it will be a good start up point, but for the beginning, you can use Capella Vanilla Custard and top it with any fruits, just keep in mind Custard needs at least two weeks steep.


Simple Apricot Custard (beginner):

TFA Apricot 3%

Cap Vanilla Custard v1 or v2 8%

TFA Sweetener 1.5%


Find below an amazing base for custard (advanced, needs 30 days steeping):


Hobbs Unicorn ADV:

TFA Bavarian Cream 1%

INW Biscuit 1%

TFA Cheesecake (graham Crust) 3%

FA Custard Premium 2%

you can top it with your preferred fruit, for example:

For Banana Custard add TFA Banana Cream at 5% Or TFA Blueberry Extra 4%, FA Bilberry 0.5% for blueberry Custard.


YOGI Base, a yogurt base which you can add your fruits (Wayne DIY or DIE):

CAP Creamy Yogurt 5%

FA Meringue 1%

TFA Sweet Cream 2%


Custard Base (30 days steep):

FA Custard Premium 3%

INW Custard 2%

MOL Legendary Custard 1%

Find more recipes under E liquid Recipes on our website or on e-liquid-recipes.com/