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Wonder flavour concentrates :

Wonder Flavours is a Canadian flavouring company out of Montreal, Quebec.

Wonder Flavours delivers a variety of super concentrated flavours for professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts. Flavours ranging from Buttercream Frosting and Croissant to Blackcherry Jelly Bean.

The usage rate for most Super Concentrated Flavours of Wonder flavours ranges from 1% to 4%. Specific information is available on individual product pages. These are suggested starting points, you may go up or down from there in order to balance with other flavours in your mix.

None of the WF flavours have added diacetyl, however many have other diketones. For flavours with no added diketones, view  TPD-Ready Collection.

Read this post on Reddit for the review of the WF flavours and find some useful tips and recipes ( you may require to sign up first).

Here in Liquid DIY, we gather some of the best concentrates of Wonder flavours, plus sample e juice recipes, tips, and tricks, all under just one website in Australia.  

New flavours of Wonder Flavours:

All of the new flavours of Wonder flavours, including Hawaiian Punch SC, Nisperos (Fruit) SC, Orange Cream SC, Chocolate Frosting SC, Margarita Candy SC by Wonder Flavours and more available now in Australia.

Wonder Flavours' Safety Data Sheets are available from diy.wf.

Click here for delicious DIY Recipes using Wonder Flavours concentrates.

Check our Mixology: how to make your e-juice and our flavour concentrates enquires for mixing your own e-liquid.

Afterpay and LayBuy accepted for buying Wonder Flavours in Australia.

Top 10 flavours of Wonder Flavour

The Top 10 flavours of Wonder Falvours are (Liquid DIY 's view):

Caramel Salted, Strawberry Gummy Candy, Passion fruit, Angel Cake, Sour gummy Candy, Sour Watermelon, Boysenberry raspberry, Nanaimo Bar, Orange Cream, Peach Pie and cream, with honor to amazing Crumble topping.