What are the food flavour concentrates(essence)?

You can think of cordial, add few drops of it into your ice-cream, or your cake then you will be rewarded with a mouth-watering treat!

What is the usage of food flavour concentrates(essence)?

You can almost use them any time, you need an extra taste, but they are usually used in:



3.baking and cakes.

4.Smoothies and shakes.

5.Beverage and drinks.

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How do you use flavour concentrates?

Simply add them into your bakeries, cakes and cupcakes, ice cream, smoothies, drinks, protein shakes and almost anywhere you need a bit of more flavour or taste, but please make sure you are considering all the necessary requirements about safety and follow the suggested percentages, as some of these concentrates are stronger than others if you add too much of it, it might mute or ruin the actual taste. Read more about Mixology, how to make your own e-liquid.

Difference between flavour concentrates(essence) and extracts:

Extracts are the cleaner and safer flavours, most of the time they have fewer additives, and are perfect as additives to the drinks and beverage, but they are not resistant to heat and freezing, so not advised for baking or ice-creams.

On the other hand, flavour concentrates(essence) are designed specifically to be resistance the heat and cold, if you bake your extract, most probably you will lose it, while concentrates are more resistance to the heat, as they have been designed for it, and they maintain their profile overcooking, so simply if you need to add any flavours to your baking, you would better to use concentrates, still can be used into beverages and drinks, but as extracts are safer and cleaner, you should use them for that.

What is Diacetyl? And why should be avoided?


Diacetyl is a natural by-product of fermentation and occurs in alcoholic beverages as well as cultured dairy products (such as cultured cream, cultured/European-style butter, yoghurt, or sour milk). It can also be found in some fruits, especially stone fruits such as peach, nectarine, and plum, and thus is in some natural fruit extracts.

Diacetyl is often used with acetoin to make artificial butter flavouring as they both occur naturally in butter and lend it the characteristic flavour, and are entirely safe to consume in food. It has gained some press in the past decade as workers in several factories that manufacture butter flavouring have been diagnosed with bronchiolitis obliterans, a rare and serious lung disease.

The United States National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has suggested diacetyl, when used in artificial butter flavouring (as used in many consumer foods), may be hazardous when heated and inhaled over a long period and may induce bronchiolitis obliterans as well as beta-amyloid aggregation (which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease).

In light of these concerns, diacetyl has been removed from many products that use artificial flavouring, but still, there are some companies that add it into their flavours. To stay on the safe side, it is advised to avoid using any flavours that contain diacetyl.

Best flavour companies in the world:

There are lots of companies that are producing flavours, here are some of the most popular flavour companies:

1.The flavor apprentice TFA, TPA: One of the best companies with a wide range of flavours, they almost have everything, for most of us, TFA is the number one choice, cheap, accurate, and easy to work.

2.Capella flavors:  Another company from the USA with amazing products.

3.Flavour Art: An Italian manufacturer with wonderful and strong flavours, somehow they are the best for new mixers.

4.Inawera flavours: A polish company with awesome flavours, they have very unique and tasty flavours, e.g. Yes we cheesecake, or their Shisha products.

5.LorAnn oils and flavors: One of the oldest ones in the market, most of their flavours are good for baking.

6. Molinberry flavours: another company from Poland.

7.Flavorah: do not let their prices miss guide you as their flavours are amazing, strong, and super accurate.

8.Wonder flavours: a Canadian company, with a unique profile.

9.One on One flavors: Best flavour company for Keto and Low Carb flavours, do not forget to try their yummy Strawberry jam too, it is super delicious.

10. Purilum: It is another USA flavour manufacturer with over six decades of experience combined to build bold, especially their Country Apple, condensed Milk and Watermelon are super popular.

11. Liquid Barn: Another amazing US manufacturer, their Vanilla Ice Cream is super popular.

Keto flavours:

Please note all of our One-on-One flavours are low Carb, Paleo approved and Keto certified, they contain almost zero carbs and zero sugar, just keep them with you to add extra taste to your life. Also, we have keto flavours 4 pack and keto flavours 10 pack, which we picked some of the popular keto flavours with little extra discounts.

Vegetarian flavours:

All of our One on One flavours are free of Vegetable Glycerine and 100% Vegetarian friendly.

Are Flavour concentrates safe to vape:

Unfortunately, there is not much research done on vaping, as the vaping industry is new, it needs more time to understand the complete safety of it, so if you are using ay flavour concentrates for inhaling, the risk would be on your shoulders.


Are the flavour concentrates PG or VG?

As Propylene Glycol (PG) carries the flavours better than Vegetable Glycerine (VG), so almost most of the concentrates are containing PG rather than VG. Buy here one of the purest PG and VG in Australia.

What percentages of concentrates should be used?

Some brands like TFA, Capella and Flavour west have weaker flavours, so for those you can go with 5% low, it does mean you should start using them from 5% and increase it over your needs, but Flavour Art, Flavorah and Inawera are pretty strong, so go with 1% law and increase it upon your needs and your preference. Please note some flavours like Almond FA are super strong and it is better to be used at lower percentages you can start using them from 0.25% up to 1-2 %, you can find the suggested dosages under the description of our flavours also you can find some sample e-liquid recipes there and on our Instagram: LiquidDIY too.

 Best flavours to start DIY :

Are you excited to mix your own e juice, save a lot and start your fun? you are in the right place, but before starting your journey, you should start with some straight forward flavours, concentrates that are well-known and taste amazing on their own, flavours that will not let you down, we gathered some of the best flavour concentrates to start DIY e-liquid for you, but do not forget before starting your journey read our mixology: how to mix your juice.

The economical first order of flavours for DIY:

you want to steps into DIY mixing and too confused about how to start-up? If you have any of the below questions, you are in the right place, as we will cover all of your answers:

  1. Which flavours should I buy?

  2. Which brands of flavour concentrate are the best to start DIY.

  3. Should I buy all the flavours? But it is not economical!

  4. Which e-liquid recipes should I start with?

  5. Which recipes are the best and popular to start my mixology journey?

  6. What are the best flavours to order for starting DIY ?

Here is an economical first-order for you to start your DIY.

My flavour changed colour, is it still good?

Flavourings may vary in colour without altering the actual taste of the product. Most of the flavourings contain naturally derived raw materials which can influence the colour by the time of year that raw material was derived. A flavour may vary in colour over time or from batch to batch. Colour variation in flavouring is common.

I don’t like the taste of Vanilla bean Ice cream (TFA)?

Some people have problems with VBIC (TFA),they get a peppery notes from it, in case if you are one of them and not enjoying the yummy taste of vanilla bean Ice cream just swap it with Capella or Flavour West, they are less harsh and if it did not help you definitely Liquid Barn vanilla Ice Cream would be your best friend, as it is one of the best Ice creams at the market without any peppery notes.

Why I can’t taste any strawberry:

Please find your answers here, there is another post we talked about why you cannot taste strawberry, also we did provide some remedies for it, for the magic solution you can try OOO Straw berry Jam , as it is one of the bets strawberries with jamy notes specially amazing for non strawberry tasters.

Why I cannot taste my mix:

There are some points to be considered:

1.Are you adding too much flavours? do not let the myth about more flavour means more taste ruin your juice, please use flavours as described under the descriptions of it, too much flavours will just mute the taste of your juice nothing else.

2.Did you steep it enough? Some flavours like bakeries and vanilla need at least one to two weeks of steeping, but generally, fruits need less steeping (few days would be enough) did you steep your mix enough? Even if you are making a shake and vape juice, you should steep it at least over the night.

Why DIY ?

Simply DIY your liquid is cost-effective fun, you will not just save more, but also you would be able to try and create more flavours. Generally, a 30 ml bottle will cost you under a few bucks, so the choice is on you, to spend $30 dollars or step into DIY.

Should I take the Cap off for steeping?

Generally, if your mix does not contain any alcohol, it is advised to close the cap, as air, direct light and heat will damage it, but as we mentioned earlier, DIY is new fields and different mixers have their opinions, you can follow your own mixer’s idea about leaving the cap off or on. Read more: Mixolog.

Please feel free to send your questions to our Instagram: LiquidDIY, and we will try our best to answer them there and publish them here, hopefully all together we will expand our DIY community, but please note, Liquid DIY does not have a professional mixer, we are just one of the flavour re-sellers in Australia, so please do not ask any questions about recipes, they should be directed to a professional mixers.