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Methods of mixing for DIY e-liquid:

There are two methods of mixing for DIY E-liquid:

1.By weight and scale:

The best and easiest method to mix your e-liquid is by weight and using a 0.01 mg scale, you can find the cheap ones on Ebay under $10, which it is not too bad, if you are an advanced and serious user, try to buy a decent one ( still you do not need to spend $100 on the scale).

Mixing by scale will make your job easy, you can mix faster ,cleaner and more precise but if you are a new mixer and not sure about the journey do not worry you can skip scale and survive.

2. Syringe:

Second cheapest option but not recommended! you need to have multiple syringes, and clean them each time, it will waste your time a lot, hard to manage and not very precise especially for 5 ml or 10 ml batches but if you are choosing this method , make sure to use a different syringe for each of your flavours also wash and clean them after each time use, please note you are working with flavour concentrates some of them are very strong and if you carry a bit flavour or nicotine into another one then most probably you will ruin entire of your flavour.

4.By drops:

Nowadays most of the recipes come with drop too, on you can change percentages to drops, it is not precise but for the beginning works for some people, or even you can use a syringe and test how many drops are inside of 1 ml, normally each drops contains 0.02-0.03 ml, some flavours might be lighter or heavier but still you can use this method if you are a beginner, you will not be precise but if you are making a simple recipe it might help you, just make sure you are following the ratios.