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In 2007, Flavour Art established an online eCommerce presence in order to present its range of flavourings and aromas directly to the end-user, probably the first flavour production company to embrace customers with such enthusiasm.

At Liquid DIY we are an approved importer and distributor of Flavour Art in Australia. Buy now pay later is available via Afterpay and LayBuy.

New flavour art concentrates:

The new flavour Art concentrates have been released from their factory and soon will be available to purchase in Australia via Liquid DIY (By end of 30.06.2021).

Their amazing new flavours are: Mulberry, Ice Cream Italian Premium, Pineapple Kenyan Special, Longan Fresh, Jocote Plum, Raspberry Candy, Doughnut Crispy, Pineapple Costa Rica, Waffles Vanilla, Papaya, Lulo, Cider Apple, Pina Colada Brazilian Special, Cheesecake Olympus Style, Flavour Art Custard Extra 1 and 2, Cherry Juice Sweet, Flavour Art Cookie Premium, Strawberry Green, Mango Green, Banana Candy, Decano Tobacco, Vanilla Cookie, and final Creamy Liqueur (please note, Creamy Liqueur flavour contains Diacetyl and/or related diketones and it is not suitable for vaping).

Please note we do ship FA concentrates, including their Premium Cookie and Custard Extra 1 to USA via Australia Post.

The top 10 concentrates of the FlavourArt:

Top 10 concentrates of FlavourArt are: Almond, Meringue, Fuji (FA), Cookie, Lemon Sicily (FA), Fresh cream, Blood orange, Juicy Strawberry, Marshmallow, and Bilberry. ​

For mixing FA concentrates, start at 1% (and some just 0.5% (e.g., Bilberry) and increase it upon your needs, be careful as they are stronger than Capella or TFA. Try to follow the well-known recipes, or build up your recipe from scratch, just choose one flavour at 4-5% and if you did like it, next time add another item to it, e.g., first try Juicy Strawberry 5% as the main profile, if it was good then next time add cream, next time banana, or Kiwi and so on, each time try to keep total percentage roughly under 6-7%(till you learn their flavours) but if you are a new mixer and try mix 5 of them together most probably it will not work well, so just start as simple and grow afterwards. Their Fresh cream at 0.5-1% (do not go higher it may mute your recipe) and their Cookie 1-3% are amazing to mix with any fruits or bakery, just mix Banana and cookie, then you will have a banana cookie, or Fresh cream and Strawberry so easy and simple, it will not be the best banana cookie or the best creamy strawberry, but for new mixers and those who are not professional recipe creator, would be super straight, easy, cost-effective and decent.

Why FlavourArt is the best company for beginners:

This is why flavour Art is the best company for beginners:

1.FA concentrates are easy to understand. They did not make the job complicated, concentrates of FA are very easy to read, work and understand for newbies, instead of having fizzy blue Raspberry, they just have Raspberry, this option will make DIY super easy and straight forward for the beginners.

2.FA flavours mix and blend very well, if you want strawberry Kiwi, just add Strawberry 2-3% and kiwi 2%, then it is done, you do not need anything else, just keep in mind, it is advised to add a bit of sweetener to their flavours, 0.5% Capella super sweet will do the job.

3.Most of their flavours are decent, if you buy Raspberry(FA), it will taste raspberry not just some unknown chemicals.

4.FA concentrates are very strong, most of the time you do not need more than 5% of them, this feature will make DIY more economic for new mixers. please note, you should use some of them at very low percentages, e. g. Bilberry, Almond and Fresh cream, just try to keep those under 1%, as they are super strong.

Watch this short video of Wayne (one of the best mixers and creator of the Bronuts, about why Flavour Art flavours are the best for new mixers and find some tips and sample recipes.

Please note, we rebottle Flavour Art concentrates from bulk , so please only use the pictures supplied as a guideline of the flavour you should expect from their contents.