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TFA / TPA flavours (The Flavour Apprentice )

TFA ,The Flavour Apprentice or the Perfumer's Apprentice was started in 2004 to help perfumers of all skill and experience levels learn about and use truly professional fragrance components. Then, in 2009 they expanded their business and created The Flavor Apprentice, where they supply truly unique, mouth-watering flavours for culinary professionals and enthusiasts.

Buy now pay later for shopping the flavour apprentice concentrates (TFA/TPA) is available in Australia via Afterpay and LayBuy.

The top 10 concentrates of of TFA flavours:

Vanilla Bean Ice cream (TPA), Vanilla Custard (TPA), Cheesecake Graham Crust (TPA), Graham Cracker Clear (TPA), Bavarian Cream (TPA) (best of the BC's), Strawberry Ripe (TPA), Caramel Original (TPA) (the best caramel), Vanilla Swirl (TPA), Peach Juicy (TPA), RY4 Double (TPA), Dragon Fruit (TPA) and more. Honestly, it is so hard to choose their best flavours, as most of them are pretty decent, that being said, without TFA, we will not be able to mix our juice!

Watch this short video from Wayne (one of the best professional mixers and creator of BRONUTS) about the best flavours of TFA / TPA and some useful tips.

The Flavour Apprentice recommended percentage:

TFA flavours normally are weak, so you can stick to 5% rules, so you can start mixing them around 5% and increase it upon your need or recipe, most of time 8% would be a sweet spot for them (as standalone), as additive, you can lower the percentages to 2-4%. Some of their concentrates like Papaya are much strong so be careful of that, so for the best recommended percentages, it is better to look details of each flavours. In Liquid DIY most of our flavours have recommended percentages in their product page so you can use it as a guide, or if you are happy to invest a bit of time, just google something as "TFA Strawberry + Eliquid recipe", then you can find and read the flavour note of that flavour on ELR(, which it has all the reviews, recipes and lots more about each of the flavours.

Why TFA, The flavour apprentice is the best company for any mixer:

1. Their profile is almost complete. They did cover most of the flavours and barely you will find any flavour that TFA flavours does not have.

2.They are one of the cheapest providers. If you would need to step into DIY e-liquid and are on the budget, the best choice would be buying TFA flavour concentrates, as you will buy more flavours with your limited budget

3. Easy to mix. TFA flavour concentrates are not super strong, this will enable them to be mixed easier than other brands, also it will give you more room to play with the ratios. Compare to super brands, e.g., Flavour Art, TFA is much easier to handle into any mix, that is one of the main reasons why TFA are the best for any mixer.

4. They are super popular. It is very easy to find reviews of their products everywhere on the web, this makes the job much easier for any mixer to find their notes, tips and tricks about their profile, almost you can find everything about their flavours, also very easy to find some decent recipes for any of the TFA flavour concentrates.

5.You cannot leave some of their flavours. Can you imagine not using Strawberry ripe TFA?

In conclusion, if you are a new mixer and want to start DIY and also on the budget, definitely starting with buying the best flavours of TFA would be a good idea.

For mixing flavours of TPA/TFA, start with the 5% rule, and increase it upon your needs, some of them you should start around o.5%, find it under the description section of our concentrates. 

Here in Liquid DIY, we gather some of the best flavours of the flavour apprentice, plus sample e juice recipes, tips, and tricks, all in just one place in Australia, for more information about mixing your own juice please visit our Mixology page.