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Get Suckered oil based Flavours:

Oil Based Flavours are OS or Oil Soluble. Our Oil Based Flavors contain the NFI (non-flavor ingredient) Soybean Oil. Oil Based Flavours can withstand heat up to 400 F.This may include hard candy, chocolate and popcorn making. They can also be used for lip & body cosmetics.
Oil-Based Flavours are
 Ideal for products with a higher fat content, such as lip balm, baked goods, confectionery, and certain dairy products. They may not be suitable for water-based products as it is not easy to solve oil in water or PG, so do not use any oil based flavours in soft drink or juice or as an additive to PG or VG! Oil based flavours mainly are used in
DIY Lip balm .

If demand is satisfactory, we will add much more of these oil based flavours.

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