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The Flavours for Kombucha & Brewed Beverages:

Brewch Kombucha flavorings are concentrated from organic compliant, vegan gluten & sugar free extracts and are formulated for easy use at home or in commercial production. For how to use Kombucha flavours, please visit DIY Kombucha page or at the bottom of this page.

Please note,Our Kombucha flavours are specifically formulated to be SCOBY-safe and are intended for Kombucha. They can also be used in brewery applications, but not for food or any other purposes.

Do not use them for any other applications.

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brewch is Liquid flavoring for fermented beverages like Kombucha. 

Use Brewch after primary fermentation (F1) of your raw kombucha, kefir water, cider, framboise, or malt beverage.  It is SCOBY Safe and will not harm the precious biome of your probiotic beverage. Just a few drops per serving added before bottling will turn even a basic booch or brew into something that wins awards.  Its not cheating, but it feel like it.  We call it Kombucha Magic!




Brewch Kombucha flavorings are concentrated from organic compliant, vegan gluten & sugar free extracts and are formulated for easy use at home or in commercial production.



Home brewers can use Brewch flavorings in impressive ways. It gives you control of the flavoring and fizz that is impossible with sugary fruit juice concentrates.  Just a few drops in a pint size bottle is all you need. You can even blend multiple flavors to create masterfully complex flavor notes in your Kombucha recipe.



Because Brewch is sugar free, you can have final control of your flavoring, fizz and sweetness during F2 fermentation.  For best results, try our pre-flavor conditioners to add or subtract zest, and boost the flavor profile using the mystic power of cucumbers and tree sap. 


Brewch organic flavors will not harm your SCOBY. In fact, we tested every brewch flavor to make sure that it cooperates with the acetobactor and yeast colony to promote healthy sustained growth. Brewch Flavoring is 100% SCOBY Safe, because when your SCOBY is safe, Kombucha benefits your health!


Brewch for flavoring hard cider

Hard Cider is a perfect base for delivering complex fruit and spice notes, but adding exotic fruits and juice concentrates after primary fermentation or racking can cause a batch of cider to ferment in undesirable ways.  Ever try adding citrus to cider? Yuk... But, instead of introducing new feral yeasts and nutrients, Brewch adds only natural flavoring compounds to your brew and keeps control of sugars and secondary fermentation in your hands.  Use Brewch Pre-flavoring conditioners to unlock your cider's full scrumpy potential. 

Brewch for Flavoring Malt Beverages

Malt beverages, as well as wine and hard seltzer can also be flavored with Brewch. With these powerful tools its easy for a home brewer to even trick their friends into thinking they bought it at the store. Using a pure flavoring product helps the brewer control the sugar and flavor with consistent results that can be scaled to any size batch.  This makes Brewch a tool for both professionals and homebrewers that seek a distinct fruit or spice flavor that is impossible with juice concentrate or dry spices.



Our Mission: DIY Kombucha in every Home


Our Mission at Brewch is to make Kombucha taste so good that a generation of people feel empowered to brew in their own homes. We know that if they brew it at home, then they will buy it at the store too.

We know that learning how to make kombucha might be a little daunting at first. That's why our home brew kombucha flavorings are designed to work like magic potions for your booch.

Brewch unlocks flavors that will "wow" everyone who tries your kombucha.



To accomplish our mission, We (Brewch) concentrate the organic essences from fruits and vegetables into a gluten free, sugar free, vegan flavoring extract that is extremely potent.  Just 15ml of Brewch is enough to flavor an entire gallon of kombucha.     


We are in love with our customers first, our product is always second. We are committed to listening to our customers and understanding their needs so that we can continue to improve our product, and make it part of the daily lives of the  customers we serve. 

Brewch is owned by McKnight Standard LLC, an FDA registered and inspected flavoring company in Monroe, WA. We have been drinking our own kombucha since 2016.

Brewch is a sister company of Flavorah.