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Duomei Flavour concentrates (DUO)

Product Use and Disclaimer:

The intended use of food flavour concentrates is to enhance food and beverage products.

All of our concentrates are FOOD FLAVOURS and should be used for baking, cakes, deserts, drinks, ice cream, etc.

Food flavours are highly concentrated; they cannot be eaten or used directly.

All the flavour concentrates on our website must be diluted prior to use!

For more information regards Duomei food flavour concentrates, e.g usage and recommended percentages, please go to the end of this page.

Usage and recomended percentages for Duomei flavours:

Duomei flavours like any other flavours sold here are food flavours, so any place you need to spice up you can add these, but as theses are food concentrates, they do not intend for inhaling, they should be used in food appliactions only, such as bekeries, confectionary, deserts, Liquor,....

Duomei flavours are super strong, to use them start low, even 0.5-1% of these flavours would be more than enough!


Best of Duomei flavours :

From our view their top 3 flavours are: Grapes (red and green), Luzon Mango and  Bubblegum, these 3 flavours are must to have! plus super powerfull Yellow Mango.To be honest all of their fruit flavours are the best in their profile, plus their flavours are super strong, most of time even few drops are too much! this will reduce the costs in log term.

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