Flavorah flavour concentrates:

Flavorah is food grade flavoring made from GRAS compounds. It is 100% tobacco and nicotine-free and used by manufacturers and mixers to make the highest quality flavor profiles in over 55 countries.

For mixing flavour concentrates of the Flavorah (FLV) start as low as 1% and some just 0.5%, as they are pretty strong, then increase it upon your needs. For more information, please refer to the description under the flavors.

Here at Liquid DIY, we are a licensed distributor of Flavorah in Australia. We gather some of the best concentrates of Flavorah flavours, plus sample e juice recipes, tips, and tricks, all under just one website in Australia. For more information about mixing your own liquid please visit our Mixology page.

Do not miss some of their best flavour concentrates: Milk and Honey (FLV), Pink Guava (FLV), Wild Melon (FLV), Blueberry Muffin (FLV), And amazing long-lasting Alpine Strawberry (FLV) which is the best for non-strawberry tasters, read more about non-strawberry tasters here

Read this post on Reddit for the review of the flavors of the Flavorah and find some useful tips and recipes ( you may require to sign up first). Please note we are expanding our range of flavors for Flavorah and soon will cover almost all of their range. Afterpay and LayBuy accepted.

Please note, we rebottle Flavorah concentrates from bulk , so please only use the pictures supplied as a guideline of the flavour you should expect from their contents.