Buy now pay later is available to shop Capella flavours in Australia .

Capella flavour concentrates proudly made with the finest ingredients in the USA.

Some of the amazing jobs of Capella flavours are Sweet Strawberry (CAP), Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP), New York Cheesecake (CAP), Sugar Cookie (Cap), Lemon Meringue Pie, and more.

For mixing flavours of the Capella(CAP) start with the 5% rule and increase it upon your needs, unless the description under the flavour says to start at a lower percentage.

Capella New flavours:

Two of the best new flavours of Capella are Cap Custard Cake and Cap Shortbread, now you can buy new flavours of Capella in Australia and pay by instalments via Afterpay and LayBuy.

Do Capella flavours contain diacetyl?

In the same vein of adapting food flavourings to inhalation use, diacetyl was removed from the composition of Capella products several years ago.
All Capella flavours are therefore diacetyl-free but also of preservatives, potassium sorbate, sugar, saccharin or aspartame, caffeine or sodium, and now acetoin and acetyl propionyl.

Do Capella's flavourings contain alcohol?

Some Capella flavours contain alcohol. This is true for the Cola flavour or Juicy Lemon.

Here in Liquid DIY we gather some of the best flavour concentrates of the Capella plus sample recipes, tips, and tricks,  all in one place in Australia, for more information about mixing your own liquid please visit our Mixology page.

Please note, we rebottle Capella concentrates from bulk , so please only use the pictures supplied as a guideline of the flavour you should expect from their contents.