Inawera flavours

Inawera flavour concentrates :

Inawera flavours have been created from food aromas in Lublin, the ninth-largest city in Poland.

They make their concentrates specifically for vaping, not just intended for use in foods or beverages, this is one of their main advantages.

Why Inawera flavour concentrates?

1.Their fruity flavours are awesome, most of them are spot on and accurate, no one can deny their raspberry or Grape (try the Grack juice recipe if you did not yet)!

2.They have unique flavours. Inawera was almost the first company to introduce Shisha flavours, their Shisha Vanilla and strawberry are very unique flavours.

3. Very strong flavours. You do not need to add too much of their flavours, most of the time 1-5% would be more than enough, less flavours means more saving.

4.Some of their flavours are the best, can you imagine mixing any juice without Yes, We cheesecake (INW) or Inawera Biscuit or their Cactus?

For mixing flavours of the Inawera (INW) start with the 1% rule and increase it upon your needs, unless the description under the flavour says to start at a lower percentage.

Read this post on Reddit for the review of the flavours of the Inawera and find some useful tips and recipes (you may require to sign up first).

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