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Best mango flavour concentrate

Best Mango Flavour concentrates in Australia: 
Capella Sweet Mango , FE or combo?

Product Use and Disclaimer:

The intended use of food flavour concentrates is to enhance food and beverage products.

All of our concentrates are FOOD FLAVOURS and should be used for baking, cakes, deserts, drinks, ice cream, etc.

Food flavours are highly concentrated; they cannot be eaten or used directly.

All the flavour concentrates on our website must be diluted prior to use!

Mango, often referred to as the "King of Fruits," is a tropical delight known for its luscious sweetness and vibrant flavour profile. In the culinary world, mango Flavors are widely used to enhance various dishes and beverages. In this article, we will delve into the unique characteristics of four popular mango concentrates – Capella Sweet Mango, Flavour Express Mango, Flavour Art Indian Mango, and Duomei Mangoes – offering insights into their distinctive attributes for those seeking the perfect mango essence.

Capella Sweet Mango:

Capella Sweet Mango stands out as an excellent additive, bringing a burst of sweetness to any culinary creation. Renowned for its natural and authentic taste, this flavour concentrate is a favourite among food enthusiasts. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for enhancing desserts, beverages, and even savory dishes. Whether you're crafting a mango-infused sauce or a tropical fruit salad, Capella Sweet Mango delivers a delightful sweetness without overpowering the overall flavour.

Flavour Express Mango:

Flavour Express Mango, is celebrated for its exceptional flavour profile that captures the essence of ripe mangoes. However, it's important to note that this concentrate tends to fade over time. While the initial burst of flavour is remarkable, the longevity may be a consideration for those seeking a long-lasting mango essence. Despite its fading nature, FE Mango remains an excellent choice for recipes that are consumed shortly after preparation, offering an intense and authentic mango experience.

 Flavour Art Indian Mango:

Flavour Art Indian Mango introduces a unique twist to the mango flavour spectrum with its portrayal of the distinct taste of Indian mangoes. Known for their rich, complex, and slightly tart profile, Indian mangoes add depth to culinary creations. This extract is a great choice for those looking to infuse a hint of tartness into their recipes. From chutneys to tropical fruit blends, Flavour Art Indian Mango provides an authentic taste reminiscent of the exotic Indian mango varieties. FA Indian Mango is an all around mango.

Duomei Yellow Mango and Duomei Luzon Mango:

Duomei Yellow Mango is exceptionally ripe and honeyed mango, adding a burst of natural sweetness reminiscent of the peak of mango maturity. On the other hand, Duomei Luzon Mango presents a robust and intense mango flavour that leans towards the stronger end of the spectrum. While its potency contributes to a bold and vibrant taste experience, using it under 1% becomes crucial to harness its strength effectively. This concentration allows culinary enthusiasts to masterfully incorporate the super-strong Luzon Mango into their recipes, striking a balance between its assertive character and the desired subtlety in the final dish or beverage. Together, these Duomei mango variants offer a dynamic duo for those seeking to explore the spectrum of mango flavours, from the delicately honeyed to the boldly intense. In general, Duomei Mangoes showcase incredible flavours, albeit with a potent intensity that has the potential to overshadow the rest of the recipe.


Choosing the right mango flavour for your culinary creations depends on your preferences and the specific characteristics you're looking for. Capella Sweet Mango is great s an additive, FE Mango delivers an intense but fading experience, Flavour Art Indian Mango brings a hint of tartness, and Duomei offers both vibrant and nuanced mango options but way too strong.Furthermore, it's essential to highlight the incredible mango flavour from Flavorah. Delving into the exploration of these concentrates is certain to unveil a realm of opportunities for enhancing your culinary creations and beverages with the irresistible essence of mango. For the ultimate and rich mango experience, consider combining few of these mango varieties.

At Liquid DIY, we offer a selection of over 22 distinct mango flavors available for purchase throughout Australia.

But keep in mind that taste is subjective; what suits one person may not be suitable for others.

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